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Recommendations Dance Sneakers

Hello Dancers!

I know deciding which pair of shoes to get may be hard, so I have tried to give some guidance into each of the dance sneakers.
(Each person has a different foot size and shape so you may have a different experience to me.)

IMPORTANT: Please follow the sizing charts. Measure your foot once, and you will know your size.
If you have wide feet you may want to go up a size to allow for more headroom.

After trying on most of these shoes (between us) I have come up with the following recommendations.

1) "Modern Dance Sneakers" - is my favourite. They are great dance sneakers for turns and spins and I find them very light and comfortable (I use these most of the time now).
However, if you have weak ankles or wide feet, you may be better with one from the next recommendation.
If you will be dancing for a longer period than 1 - 2 hours at a time you may find your feet get a little "tired" due to thinner sole and a bit less support with these shoes.

2 & 3) "Comfortable Women's Dance Sneakers" or "Breathable Men's Sneakers (suitable for women also)" - Both of these look a bit more like normal sneakers and are better all round shoes providing more support. 
I wear these if I know I will be going out for a longer time dancing, maybe a social, as they are more comfortable for longer periods. A bit more solid and supportive.

4 & 5) Are both good shoes and if you don't turn or spin much they should serve you well.

From a price perspective you will basically get what you pay for.

Dance Sneaker Recommendation / Comparison Chart

Quality = shoe quality, Spin = how easily you can spin, Sizes = Range of sizes available, Support = How much support the shoe provides - (These are just my observations as a guide).

NOTE: basically you get what you pay for. Sorry not much for men available.

Product Name 1) Modern Dance Sneakers 2) Comfortable Women's
Dance Sneakers
3) Breathable Mens
Dance Sneakers
4) Basic Dance
5) Ladies Mesh Sneakers 6) Canvas Soft Sole
Dance Shoes

Quality 9 9 9 8 7 7

Spin 9 8 8 6 5 8

Sizes 7 9 7 8 9 7

Support 7 8 8 7 7 5

Comments Only For narrow feet
1 - 2 hrs dancing max
Good for wide feet
Comfortable, good all round
Good for wide feet
Good for Women or Men
Not great for spining
Not for spinning
All purpose sneakers
Practice only
Not much support

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