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About Us


My / Our Story

Why Dance Shoes?

In short I got sick of trying to find dance sneakers that would not cost an arm and a leg:

In 2012 I wrote a blog post, about dance sneakers, and today it is still one of the my most popular pages.

I used to recommend a dance shoe store that I had purchased from but, when they changed hands, they stopped selling the jazz shoe range - slowly the colour and size ranges disappeared. 

I decided to find some quality shoes and in 2019 I started testing samples and came up with reliable suppliers with quality dance shoes that I could sell at a good price.
Image: Dancing in  my first pair of Dance sneakers

Why Me?

Hi my name is Paul.

I started dancing around 1991 after a trip to the US where I saw, what I now know as, Partner dancing.

On returning to Australia I discovered Line dancing in my local area.
I was at Liz Collett's second ever class.

I started selling online Line Dance DVDs with Liz Collett in 2005 and they are still incredibly popular today.

We are both very proud of them and we constantly receive emails from people letting us know how they changed their lives.

Image: Me in Performance Costume
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